Ignite, Ignite, Ignite! What to Expect

“The question on users’ minds is what to expect from the show and from Office 365 services in general.”

If this is the question on your mind, click here for a quick podcast on the inside scoop of what to expect when you arrive in Atlanta. Part of the time, anyway.


This you would probably not expect.


Facebook Changes Algorithm Again! …No one is surprised

No social media platform is perfect, but is that really what Facebook is trying to achieve here?

This round encompasses whatever Facebook deems as “clickbait” to be shunted lower–or not appear at all— in the Newsfeed.

Facebook has thoughtfully provided best practices for page owners, including such gems as “Post headlines that set appropriate expectations.”

I read this as: Set what Facebook decides is an appropriate expectation.

Which on a broader scale often seems to depend on a current whim, favor, or the ever-present double standard.

Sometimes a computer makes the decision. Sometimes it’s a person. As in this timely expose, Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News, even if you did post something that met all current expectations and standards, there’s no guarantee it’ll go anywhere at all.

I certainly hope my headline set an appropriate expectation here.

A 2016 Top Workplace in Milwaukee: Crisis Prevention Institute

I had the honor to attend a Top Workplaces Awards Breakfast today, and what that really means is I was a representative of my company, which had been chosen as a pretty awesome place to work.


Here’s the agenda. All the speakers were dynamic and had really great stories to tell of inspirational things happening right now in our businesses, and why they have hope for the future.




Perhaps it’s no surprise that employees tend to stick around in workplaces that they feel actually care about them as people.


Employee retention

And there was bacon.



And we all got a gift bag!



It was a great chance to hang out with the other coworkers selected from my company, and to hear what other companies did to make sure they nurtured an open, collaborative environment.

A fun, informative, and tasty event all in one!