Group Insights in Yammer is now available!

The testing is over. Group Insights is here!

The Group Insights feature allows you to see engagement metrics for a Yammer group—any Yammer group—even if you aren’t the group admin! Choose to see the last 7 days’ worth, 28 days, or the full year.

Here’s an example from a group in my Yammer External Network, with the toggle set to view the last 28 days.

At the top we see total active people—people who posted, read, or liked messages—as well as which amount were members of the group or just visitors to the group, for the time span selected.

Then we see the amount of posted, read, and liked messages for that duration, and which came from members or non-members.

For group admins especially, this will help you see the health of your group at a glance.

You may have far more readers than posters. That’s normal! Readers make up the majority of any community. What matters is the content inside that community. If you’ve got readers, they’re finding something of value, and that’s great.

Group Insights is currently in Phase 1. I expect there to be iterations that include file views if not also uploads and downloads, but I’m not sure.

You will still need a third-party analytics solution for a deeper dive into your network and for full group activity, content consumption, and engagement data, down to the actual people in your groups. For a community manager, measuring the health and showing the value of your network is invaluable. Head over to tyGraph (which I use) and request a free demo, or Swoop Analytics.

Find out more about Group Insights right here in the Microsoft Tech Community.

Many thanks to Kaleem Rahman for including me in the beta testers group!

Why You Should Attend My Microsoft Ignite 2017 Session

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How to Prove that Yammer is Working

So you’ve got your Yammer network up and running. How do you really PROVE that people are using it with purpose?

I had the opportunity to present with Dean Swann of tyGraph at Microsoft Ignite 2016. Hear how we (I and other MVPs) are using analytics to show the value of our networks!