Advance Reviews for “Hush, Mouse!”

I’m touched and thrilled to be able to share these reviews about Hush, Mouse!


“Hush, Mouse! is an adorable story about a small, big-eared cat who no one sees, and her special connection with a large-eyed little girl who no one hears. These two are perfect for each other and soon find that their unique traits are just what is needed to make big difference.

My kids and I loved this story. The pacing and flow were perfect, not to mention the adorable illustrations! This story promotes celebrating differences and understanding that we are are special in our own way. Hush, Mouse! is a must have for every child’s personal library! -Erica Graham, author of the Talking Tales series.


Hush, Mouse! is a short, delightful children’s story, beautifully illustrated by Alicia Young. The author, Becky Benishek, teaches everyone, including the adults, that when little ones speak or meow, listen! Thank heaven Little Liz listens to Mouse: together, they save the family from a small tragedy. The depictions of both Mouse, with her big ears, and Little Liz with her big eyes, are adorable.

“Becky Benishek is the author of several children’s books and this one will be a welcome addition to any book collection for young children. Perfect for young readers or for family reading fun together!” -Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

Hush, Mouse! is a heartwarming story about two diminutive best friends and the big part they play when danger comes calling. I loved Mouse’s and Liz’s parallel stories and have no doubt that kids who are small for their age will read this book feeling a little better about having to wait to grow into their own big parts.

“Alicia Young’s illustrations are brilliant. They’re beautifully colored, and the expressions on both Mouse’s and Liz’s faces make me smile. Hush, Mouse! is most highly recommended.” -Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


“This is a wonderful storybook that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is simple stories like this that excite a child’s imagination and make them want to read more and more. It shows that it’s important to at least check on what someone is doing or saying, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If it wasn’t for the friendship between Little Liz and Mouse, the family might have been in danger.

“This book is highly recommended and ideal to add to your child’s library.” -Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

“Like Becky Benishek’s other MacLaren-Cochrane title, The Squeezor is Coming!, Hush, Mouse! easily stands out in a crowded market through memorable characters rendered in spectacular, engaging illustrations. One look at the cover and you’ll want to open this book.

“Also, like Squeezor, the protagonists undergo a transformative experience where their unique characteristics take on new value when they prove to be essential to the community—in this story, alerting their family to danger.

“Best of all is Benishek’s singular style—hers are stories of charm and substance, where warmly drawn characters make their way through a loving-if-perilous world where idiosyncrasy is invaluable.

“A word of caution, though—if you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, what-have-you—she will be begging you to buy her a kitten after you read this book with her!” -Terry Vittone

“Just like having a fun conversation with a child.

“It really amazed me to see the warmth and smoothness of the illustrations.
Choice of colors, carefully composed character and object proportions.
Brilliant and creative to its max.

“I recommend this book, highly, for children of all ages.” -Ashish Kejriwal

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Advance review by Erica Graham for “The Squeezor is Coming!”

“This wonderful story teaches two significant lessons: acceptance of others who are different and self-acceptance.” – Erica Graham

I’m overjoyed to present another advance review for The Squeezor is Coming!, from author Erica Graham.


The Squeezor is Coming Book Review

by Erica Graham

Sharp claws, frightening teeth, a town full of monsters, a party, and a strong lesson about acceptance, The Squeezor is Coming introduces children to a monster named the Squeezor, a gentle monster who only desires to share hugs.

However, the other monsters in Ghastly Gigapolis do not see him this way. They are terrified of his fangs and sharp claws, believing that his sole intention is surely to bring them harm. They run and hide from the Squeezor leaving him lonely and isolated. The Squeezor is left to reflect on their reactions as he questions what to do.

This wonderful story teaches two significant lessons: acceptance of others who are different and self-acceptance. The author has brilliantly brought Ghastly Gigaoplis to life with the characters and the world she has created. These descriptions are further exaggerated through monstrously vibrant illustrations.

Capturing the hearts of little and big monster lovers, The Squeezor is Coming illustrates the most important lesson is to stay true to yourself.

Thank you so much, Erica, for your wonderful review. I am so glad you and your family enjoyed it!

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Advance Review for “The Squeezor is Coming!” by Terry Vittone

“Kids will love the book’s splashy color, monsters aplenty, and gross-out humor. Parents will love the story’s durable lesson: be yourself.” – Terry Vittone

I’m once again happy and humbled to present another advance review for The Squeezor is Coming!, from Terry Vittone.

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The Squeezor is Coming Book Review

by Terry Vittone

Your little monsters will love it!

Every kid can relate to scrambling for cover when a monster comes calling, and in Becky Benishek’s delightful The Squeezor Is Coming, the flight response is at the center of a familiar but inventive story arc.

Grotesque in appearance but sensitive, alert, and helpful by nature, the Squeezor is feared and misunderstood by the other monsters who live in Ghastly Gigapolis, the story’s spooky hamlet. Given his wicked fangs and meat-hook claws, it’s a safe bet the Squeezor is not exclusively an herbivore!

But allowing for all his intimidating hardware, the Squeezor is a cross of sorts, between one of Sendak’s Wild Things and the Elephant Man, terrifying to behold but trembling inside with a need to belong. But will the Squeezor be able to hug his way into his neighbor’s hearts before their fear lurches into torch and pitchfork proportions?

Benishek’s masterful prose revels in wordplay that spoofs the genre, and Matt Fiss’s illustrations are consistently crisp, imaginative, and frighteningly full of amusing detail.

Kids will love the book’s splashy color, monsters aplenty, and gross-out (Nose Nougats, anyone?) humor.

Parents will love the story’s durable lesson: be yourself. The protagonist’s singularities, though at first an isolating burden and terror to the community at large, ultimately give him unique abilities—and opportunities—to contribute.

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much, Terry, for your wonderful words. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

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