Bicycle, Bicycle

My first time riding this year didn’t come without a small issue…

But first, a snazzy bicycle picture.

Mind you, I have never figured out how to get my odometer to work–I have a new one waiting to be unpacked–but this picture represents my glorious half-hour leisurely ride last Saturday.

Naturally I pulled over before taking it.



The Small Issue

Just as I rolled in to the usually demure neighborhood, I saw a dog crossing back and forth on the street ahead of me with no owners, responsible or otherwise, in sight.

He even loped onto the lawn of what I assumed was his house, barking his head off, but nobody appeared even then.

Of course he saw me. “WHEELS!” he said, dashing over.

Dad always said, dismount and put the bike between you and any teeth.

So I did and informed said teeth to GO HOME.

One ear pointed to home and the other pointed to perplexed because I wasn’t his people.

I said, Look, I can out-wait anybody, and after a few volleys of confused barks, he loped off because I had become boring. Good.


And thus the adventure ended.