Cover Reveal for “Hush, Mouse!”

It is a thing of beauty.

Front Cover_golden orange_circular_longmeows.jpg

What’s Hush, Mouse! about?

A tiny gray kitten named Mouse likes to meow—a lot. And she never seems to meow at the right time, so her people are always telling her to hush.

Little Liz is the only one in the family who appreciates Mouse. Little Liz is short for her age and her people’s ears are too high above her voice, so nobody pays much attention to what she has to say, either.

Little Liz and Mouse understand each other perfectly and spend a lot of time together. Then one day, they prevent a crime, and prove that even though they’re small, they’re worth being listened to!

Where to get it

It will be this year (2018)! We’re in the digital proof stage and I don’t have a date—yet. I will most certainly let you know! Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll know much faster. 🙂

Here’s my Books page.

“What’s at the End of Your Nose?” Giveaway!

Win a copy of What’s at the End of Your Nose? with its new cover!

Here’s how:

  1. Comment with your name and something simple that is meaningful to you.on this post in Erica Graham’s Facebook Release Party event! (If the permalink doesn’t land you in the correct spot, scroll down past the pinned post to see the Author Feature & Giveaway post for today, March 24.)
  2. You’ll be automatically entered in the drawing!

What’s going on: 

Erica Graham, author of “Talking Tales,” a children’s book series for kids with speech development needs, has launched her fourth book, “Puppy’s Bubble” in this Facebook Release Party.

She is generously sharing her space with three of us indie authors, so bookmark or join the event to take advantage of all of our games and giveaways!

It’s spring, and the snails are coming out. . . better get yours!


Copyright 2017 Becky Benishek for “What’s at the End of Your Nose?

**This giveaway is open from 3/24/17-4/8/17 and is available to residents in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.**

“What’s at the End of Your Nose?” Cover Reveal!

I am excited to reveal the new cover for our dear Sidney Snail in What’s at the End of Your Nose?

You can still color it in, as well as the rest of the paperback, because I’ve kept it a matte book (versus glossy):


Copyright 2017 Becky Benishek for “What’s at the End of Your Nose?

(The Kindle version should reflect this, and says it does in my behind-the-scenes Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard, but it might not yet.)

Why’d I change the cover? Acting on advice, I decided to make a more consistent look and feel between my two books. I liked the look of Dr. Guinea Pig George, so I gave our dear Sidney Snail the same cover treatment. This creates a visual brand that kids (and you) can easily spot. Until I change it all again, ha. But that won’t be for awhile…

You can purchase What’s at the End of Your Nose? on Amazon.

You can also stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll have my What’s at the End of Your Nose? giveaway out on Erica Graham’s Facebook Release party for the fourth book in her “Talking Tales” series, “Puppy’s Bubble.”

That release party is going on right now, and there are already giveaways to participate in, such as the Meet & Greet discussion where you can win a canvas panel of the puppy!