Book Spine Poetry: The Stars Compel

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these!


“The stars compel: I’ll be you and
you be me
A girl of the Limberlost;
A mote in God’s eye.
The longest journey—
It’s easier than you think.”

Book spine poetry is very therapeutic. Your focus is at once very present and very introspective. And it doesn’t actually take that long.

For the space of time in which I’m staring at my titles, the front of my brain is remembering where everybody is placed in the bookshelves while the back of my brain is ticking over possibilities and cadence.

Or something like that.

What I do know for sure is that it’s also a lot of fun.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go stand by your closest bookshelf.
  2. Let your hands pull out books and your mind drift around them.
  3. Arrange, disarrange, discard, re-pull, complete.
  4. Form a poem from the titles. Use creative punctuation!

Take a picture and post it here in the comments!


Book Spine Poetry: A Little Romance

I really love doing these.


A Little Romance

A little romance to tell your love:

—Four quartets—

Come a stranger over
sea, under stone.

The wave in the mind,
homecoming fog,

Magic: The artist’s way.

Beauties, beasts, and

—An affair to remember.

Book Spine Poetry: They All Sang On the Corner

Book spine poem time! I was at my dad’s house yesterday, so, naturally…


They All Sang On the Corner

They all sang on the corner, unsung heroes of
rock ‘n’ roll
Play back the prestige label:
Rhythm and the blues,
Chicago soul,
Intimate nights off the record…

—Zen essence (the science of freedom):
Chicago breakdown, the great
Roob revolution—

The death
of rhythm & blues.

More book spines here.

Note: The Roob book is indeed the “The Great Roob Revolution” beneath it’s easy-to-read-on-a-dark-shelf sticker, so I opted for the original title because why not?