4 (Good) Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed


Quick, what was the banner ad on the last few websites you’ve visited? Are your eyes trained to ignore the top Google search results because you know they’re paid ads?

If so, you’re just like any other marketing-savvy consumer–which means it’s harder than ever for a brand to get noticed. If you’re the brand wanting to get noticed, social media strategist Susan Wright-Boucher has foundĀ solutions.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re brand-conscious or just socially curious, this infographic throws some stats against the big three in social media.

This was created at the beginning of 2013, so I’m interested in seeing how the end of 2013 will compare. Will Pinterest even out for male and female users? Will Twitter increase in activity, or decrease? What changes have you seen affect your brand already?


What are the most popular types of social media fans?

Social media can seem like a sea of lurkers or a cesspool of complainers, depending on where you’re looking, but within the extremes are a host of other types of fans that can bolster your brand–or derail it entirely.

Ready for more metaphors? Find out about your fans: