365 Photo Ideas (Calendar)

So it’s a little late if you’re just finding out about this like I am, but only by a few days–

Document your year with this calendar that brings you a photo idea or theme for every day.

For example, January 13 wants you to capture “A beautiful sight.” The 16th lays claim to “Someone I care about.” February starts us off with “Perfection” and ends with “On the shelf.”

Find out more and download the free calendar here.

Today’s theme is “Dark.” I am immediately taking liberties by snatching someone else’s picture, but he won’t mind.

(What I’d like to know is why my captions & links for my photos don’t “stick” upon publishing my posts.┬áMost of the time I have to redo, and that’s if I notice in the first place.)

Make Your Own Owl Calendar

What a fabulous idea!

My Owl Barn “For all owlovers” has a FREE Owl Lover 2012 Calendar you can build out of 45 wonderful images drawn by artists all over the world. Download a pre-made calendar or assign an owl to the month of your choice.

The best part, besides the images themselves, is how the site keeps track of the months you already used so you don’t have to. The hard part is picking only 12!

Get your Owl Calendar here.

Pic from Jo James.