Do you ever really leave the office at the office?

Vacation time! …and you’ve just packed your work laptop.

Sure, we may check personal email, Facebook and Twitter accounts when we’re on vacation lest we suffer from hideous withdrawal symptoms, but what about work email? Do you find yourself sneaking in “just an hour” of office catch-up when you should be cashing in on some much-needed relaxation time? 

If so, you’re not alone. Our Twitter #careerchat discussed these questions and more.

Takeaways from the chat:

  • Define your vacation priorities first: Do you want to spend more time with family, or have quiet time to work on a project?
  • If you take time off to relax, you will be more efficient and refreshed when you return.
  • If you’re constantly checking in at the office, what does that say about your team? Trust your colleagues to support you.
  • Leave emergency contact information in case something comes up—and define what an “emergency” really is!
  • As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to “switch off” when you’re always thinking about your business. But you still need a break to stay fresh and creative.


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Adapted from my post on MyPath.

The Intern Trenches: Invaluable Education or Complete Waste of Time?

Are unpaid internships really worth it? How do you turn an internship into a “real” job?

We took our Twitter #careerchat on the road to Spreenkler Talent Labs in Milwaukee, WI. Spreenkler employs interns to work on client projects in a variety of roles, including creative direction and design. Joining us from Spreenkler were Kate Pociask (@kjpociask) and @Spreenkterns Olivia Johnson (@olivia67rae) and Allison Luebke (@amluebke).

Key takeaways from the chat:

  • bizMebizgal: Knowing people is key in finding any position. Many of the internships I did in college were through people I knew.
  • olivia67rae: I didn’t realize how truly important networking is til recently…it’s all in who you know and who you can learn from!
  • buzzandrea: It’s all about providing value – the more value you provide, the better assignments you will receive.
  • lauragainor: Being an unpaid intern can most times motivate you more. The experience is key.
  • olivia67rae: Hesitant about taking an unpaid internship? Do it! Experience will help you and knowing people in the industry is invaluable!
  • WomensAlly: Internships make you stand out in the office -AND- among other job applicants. Demonstrates ambition/pro-activity
  • Jill_Perlberg: You have to ask for the position and if one doesn’t exist, define it and why they need it–YOU!

Links and resources:

This way to the chat transcript

Noserings, Tuxedos, Mohawks: The Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing


Congratulations, you’ve got an interview!

So how do you ace it and not fall flat?

Don’t screw up this all-important conversation! Our Twitter #careerchat talked about what you should wear, when to discuss salary, and all the preparation and research that goes into making a great first and lasting impression.


  • bizMebizgal: Interviewing is like networking: The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
  • Jelfster: Job interviews needn’t be torture. Just plan well and use common sense!

This way to the chat transcript