A Great Video About Privilege

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/adamdonyes)

Read This: Getting Clear On Your Vision by Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Why dream of anything bigger if we can’t get past our current self?” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Moving on in life is something so many of us want to do. It’s also something we’re scared of doing. Change is still something unknown, something different, even if we really need it.

What we should be scared of is staying in untenable situations, of dragging ourselves through yet another day of the same old.

But we get comfortable, and we think there’s always another day to get started, or any number of other reasons we deal out to ourselves on a daily basis.

That’s why this post by Dr. Joe Dispenza is so important. He goes after the four biggest impediments we place in our own way, such as getting bogged down with immediate needs, unable to look a step further, and then takes us from knowledge to action.


This eagle is plenty clear-eyed about his future.

This is my first encounter with him and I like it. Give it a try.

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