Old & New: Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Onions Recipe

It’s funny how you find yourself falling under wedding traditions when you least expect it. Such as my then-fiance and I suddenly wanting china and stemware that now sits in the cabinet. Or panicking at the last moment with the need for “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

What’s this got to do with chicken?

I had a taste for chicken yesterday, but no real plan for what to do with it once I got it. I also had parts of two veggies on their last legs and leftover rice from a restaurant.

Result: Tasty improv with something old and something new! (To complete the saying, I “borrowed” money from my bank account to get the chicken, and I ate the finished meal on a blue plate!)

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Taste Bud Satisfaction: Boca Chicken

Alt!Chicken: The sometimes dubious answer to people who love the taste of real chicken but for various reasons can’t or won’t eat it. Macrobiotics, for example, considers chicken to be too much on the yang side of the equation and therefore “concentrated, heavy and dense, creating stagnation” if over-consumed. Not that we ever over-consume anything.

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