How do you find an imaginary unicorn…especially when it may be real?

“Many times I found myself on the edge of my seat and heart pounding as I read about Jack’s seemingly hopeless mission to destroy the horror that took his daughter from him in a valiant effort to save future families from suffering the same heartbreaking fate. I would highly recommend this story to any fan of fantasy!” – Amazon Review

Heed the thrilling warning of Del Henderson’s The Unicorn Hunter: “Listen and be warned of a secret of past, these warnings of a hunter to the hunted do not pass. Creature baptized by night’s chrisom sheet, pray for your soul that eyes do not meet.”

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The Unicorn Hunter by Del Henderson


After the tragic death of his daughter, Jack finds himself with more questions than answers. While reading his daughter’s diary about an imaginary unicorn called Summer, he begins to suspect that the unicorn may not be so imaginary after all.

Questioning his own sanity, he soon finds himself on a desperate search to unravel the mystery of the unicorn and find what really happened to his daughter. As answers come to light, he begins to regret what he finds, as mythology meets reality and the truth about unicorns becomes known.


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“This story appeared on my page in the top 20 for its category. I read the description of this story and was not sure this was the type of tale I would enjoy, but something about it intrigued me. I decided to read the first few pages and by the end of the first chapter I was hooked!” –Amazon Review

“This book was like an episode of the twilight zone, the more you read, the more you HAD to read. The ending was satisfying and I would look into the next book if there is one.” –Amazon Review

 “It hooks you from the beginning. I could not put it down!” –Amazon Review

 “A captivating novel… I couldn’t put it down! I hope there will be more.” –Amazon Review

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About the author

Del Henderson, born and raised in Illinois, enjoys writing, fueling his passion and love for the noble art of putting pen to paper, or more appropriate, keyboard to computer. Diving into pure imagination he has produced works that grip his reader’s minds with mystery and suspense as they are brought into the fascinating world of fiction.

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Small towns, big families, and happy endings in “Misty Lake”


The writing was well-crafted and the dialogue had a natural flow to it. Jake’s investigation and dealings with people added authenticity to his role. The description of this small Minnesota lake town was beautiful and charming, a town you’d want to live in. It was a sweet and thrilling read that kept me turning pages to find out just who it was so determined to run Sam out of town. The characters are an interesting and fun cast, each adding their own little sliver to the story.” -Charlie Anderson, Blogger at Girl of 1000 Wonders

Misty Lake is the first stand-alone book in Margeret Standafer’s clean, romantic suspense series that’s been called “entertaining and engaging.” If you like small towns, big families, and happy endings, you’ll love getting to know the McCabes of Misty Lake, Minnesota.

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Misty Lake: Book One in the Misty Lake Series by Margaret Standafer


Samantha Taylor has lost all those dearest to her…her parents, her brother, and now the grandfather who raised her. When his will is read and some of his secrets come to light, Sam finds herself back in Misty Lake, Minnesota, a place that holds countless happy memories but, as she quickly discovers, just as many questions.

Jake McCabe, Misty Lake’s sheriff, is as curious as anyone about the town’s newest resident but it isn’t until Sam becomes the victim of a particularly cruel vandal that he meets her and gets a look at the house that has everyone in town talking.

As Jake races to keep Sam safe from the escalating attacks, he also works to break down the wall she has built around herself and to convince her that a life without love isn’t a life at all.


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“A great mix of mystery, intrigue and romance.” –Amazon Review

“Loved this book! So nice to find an author that can grab and hold your attention without the need for profanity or sex. Looking forward to the next book!” –Amazon Review

“What a great cast of characters in a quaint town. The story was very interesting and I especially liked the details about woodworking and how the main character used her love for woodworking to reach out and help struggling teens.” –Amazon Review

“This was an excellent read. The author has a smooth and engaging writing style. The characters come alive on the page. The setting was well done I could almost feel the fog on my skin.” –Amazon Review

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About the author

Margaret Standafer lives and writes in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN with the support of her husband and children, and in spite of the lack of support from her ever-demanding Golden Retriever! When she’s not writing, she’s working as a substitute teacher in middle school and high school, gardening, hiking, walking her dog, traveling, or reading. Actually, she’s always reading and have found ways to incorporate it into most of the aforementioned activities! It is her sincere hope that you enjoy her writing.

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