Read This: People can’t be put into communities

This is why “Build it, and they will come” doesn’t work in real life, and why when you do build something, you need to be prepared for it to be interpreted and used in ways you didn’t intend.

And that’s a good thing.

“People can’t be put into communities. They join them. Nobody owns a community, not even the platform owner. Groups of people aren’t a community until they move from connections to building two-way relationships and find a shared purpose. Community involves both what we get from the interaction and what the community as a whole benefits from the interaction. The intentions of a common corporate master matter little unless executed in alignment with these outcomes.”

These words are from MVP Simon Terry, who writes about the value of community here.

Community managers build and shape and guide, and while we’re busy building, shaping, and guiding–and there’s always another awesome refinement–we have to remember to step back and get out of our own way so everyone else can find their own value in this space.

We keep the lights on that everyone uses to see.

Yammer: Meet Offline, Take Note Online

There’s a big part of Yammer that works seamlessly whether you’re interacting with people within your own company or among many companies around the world.

And that’s bringing a meeting back offline.


Okay, this is a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but it’s still a meeting. With food. And bears.

Yammer has never been intended to replace every aspect of your company culture in general or job in particular. Yammer is an enhancement, a supplement, a way to make things more efficient, a way to make things easier.

And sometimes that means still having those actual meetings, with this additional step: Take those meeting notes right in Yammer!


Here’s why I like this tool: Yammer Notes auto-save as you type, so you never have to worry about a sudden power outage or keyboard incident. Multiple people can collaborate on one Note at the same time. Everyone’s changes are color-coded so you can instantly see who said what and what got added.

I had occasion both to do and to witness this in action this week. I wouldn’t even say that my own company culture lends itself to using Yammer Notes, but I have personally found them invaluable, especially in my position where I make How-To guides.

When you have a platform that enhances itself periodically, being able to update your tutorials easily is a boon!


And A New Yammer Network Is Born

Today we launched my second Yammer External Network, making this my third Yammer network in total that I actively manage.

And we are so excited. And busy!

This new External Network is intended for a smaller yet important and impactful side of our company: Dementia care.

Similar to our Instructor Community, the Dementia Capable Care Community is intended to help our Certified Instructors share ideas, insights, and strategies to help deliver the best training experiences possible.

The difference will come when we get into Phase 2: Inviting in memory care groups, leaders, clients, advocates, who may not have had our training at all, but who align with our vision of person-centered care.

This makes it a new type of community for me to manage, and one that’s very toothsome.

And now, back to work!