1 week left to enter your book into the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

Contest deadline: May 1, 2018.

I went for this last year. I didn’t win, but that was all right—I enjoyed the books that did, and overall, I believe it’s a fair shot. I certainly appreciated the free, 5-star reviews they gave my current two books!

So. . .to enter this year, that is the question!

Here are all the details you need. There is a fee.

There are also extras:

Check out the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Contest Winners!

Here’s the full list (click all the dropdowns) of contest winners in all categories! I was not one of them this year, but I am looking forward to reading some of those awesome titles.

Congratulations to all winners, honorable mentions, and finalists! –And to everyone who took a chance and entered. It was a pretty cool experience.

Here’s what’s next for me: The SCBWI Book Stop promotion.

The 2017 Readers’ Favorite Contest decisions are nearly upon us!

When last I mentioned this, I had just decided to enter the contest, because why not, right? Readers’ Favorite had done me the honor of giving me great 5-star reviews for “What’s At the End of Your Nose?” and “Dr. Guinea Pig George.”

So I knew there was no guarantee about anything, but I was feeling pretty favorable toward them all the same.

I chose “What’s At the End of Your Nose?” as my sole entry, both because of the cost factor and because it was, after all, my first published book.

And now, September 1 is almost upon us, and that’s when we get to hear who won what!

If you missed this year’s contest, you can get in right now to the 2018 contest. The deadline is April 18, 2018.