Tastebud Satisfaction: Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Cheeze


I know I said in an earlier post that rice macaroni’n’cheese, especially the gluten free, dairy free and soy free and caseinate-free kind, can taste like warmed-over pressed cardboard.

That was before I tried Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Dairy Free Cheeze. I just may be converted.

Every bit as good as the “regular” macaroni and dairy-free cheeze, this organic rice pasta dish, loaded with taste, cooked to a tender, creamy, piping-hot entree. That just-like-the-real-thing flavor is something Amy’s does extremely well with their mac’n’cheese.

The sodium’s a little high at 740 mg, but you know what, I enjoyed every bite. For the macrobiotic or vegan on the go, you could do far worse than have this for lunch!

Taste Bud Satisfaction: Van’s Apple Cinnamon Waffles

Few things feel so right as waking up on a Saturday with the weekend stretching before you and the scent of something delicious wafting up from the kitchen. What’s your pleasure? Freshly-baked bread, scrambled eggs and bacon (real, vegan or otherwise), coffee or flavored tea…or a sweet scent of baking apples with a hint of cinnamon.


You might indeed be facing a freshly-baked apple pie when you head to the kitchen, but just in case you’re not, you’ll still be lucky if you’ve got Van’s Apple Cinnamon Waffles sitting on your plate.

I’ve had these several times and for a good reason: I am totally addicted to their scent as they bake in the toaster oven. The taste doesn’t let you down, either. The apple juice concentrate in the ingredients yields an eat-every-last-bit punch, the baking time leaves them wonderfully crispy yet chewy enough, and while I do add butter (real butter if I’m feeling saucy) and pure maple syrup, these would be just as good on their own. Try them with your favorite nut or apple butter or jelly!

For those keeping track at home, these waffles are also gluten free, dairy free and egg free. They are not, however, soy-free.

I think Van’s has more waffles than anything, but check out their whole product line for more tasty treats.

Taste Bud Satisfation: So Delicious: Coconut Milk Yogurt

Because dairy’n’me don’t mix anymore, I try to stay away from having an excess amount of it. In other words, I try not to hoover it up in the name of taste bud satisfaction.

This doesn’t always work so well with cheese (extra-sharp cheddar, smoked Gouda, Camembert…), but it does on yogurt.

My faithful Super Lactase Enzyme is wonderful when I want to indulge, but something about taking a pill to enjoy yogurt just rubs me the wrong way. Yogurt is full of all the GOOD bacteria, after all. Arrgh!

I’ve tried a soy brand before, but whether it was because I mistakenly expected it to taste like real yogurt or because the blend wasn’t tasty in the first place, it just wasn’t for me, so that was it as far as fake!yogurt was concerned. And as I can get all that beneficial bacteria through other means, so why should I complain?

Then I stumbled on So Delicious yesterday. There it was, beaming at me from a shelf separated from all the other yogurts.

I picked it up…