The Cheat Day

My cheat day used to be the whole week. The way I can justify food borders on the clinically insane:

“I have a sudden-death craving for salty fried grease so I must be missing nutrients. Hel-lo, french fries.”

“Wisconsin cheese curds are my squeaky key to fighting osteoporosis.”

“Dark chocolate fights cancer!”

What’s even worse is I’m supposed to be following a macrobiotics program, which among other things advocates:

– Whole grains
– Beans & legumes
– Leafy veggies
– Broccoli-family veggies
– Soy
– White fish
– Laying off the red meat
– Laying off most other meat too, including eggs
– Ditto on nightshades
– Nix on dairy

The fact that it’s a self-prescribed program doesn’t make it any easier.

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Corporate Travel: Keeping Your Work (and Home) Life Manageable

Is traveling for work uber-glamorous or just another part of the job? How do you manage your life at home when you’re on the road? 

Our Twitter #careerchat explored the truths about traveling for work. Business travel can be stressful, but with the right perspective, you can turn any travel experience into a great opportunity.

Takeaways from the chat:

  • You’re always on the clock. Represent yourself and your company positively at all times, and don’t risk behavior that could get you fired.
  • Don’t take traveling for granted. Even if you have back-to-back meetings, find time to explore.
  • Make yourself unplug. It’s easy to spend all day and night working, without a break, especially if your sleep schedule is disrupted..
  • Keep your diet and exercise routine as close to normal as possible. Stay at hotels with gyms or nearby parks. Wear your walking shoes on the plane.
  • If you’re looking for a job that includes travel, look for positions in the Sales Support, Implementation and Auditing functions.
  • You need to love the job you’re doing regardless of travel. Travel should be the bonus.


Special thanks to @myFootpath, @JohnAntonios, @Kblennon, @DrWoody, @michmerc, @ASQ_Trish, @navitasHR and @kbaumann.

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Take charge of your diet–at work!

If you work in almost any type of office, you’re most likely surrounded by food at the most inopportune times. It isn’t always easy to say NO when you’re faced with birthday doughnuts, bagel boxes and the ubiquitous candy jar.

I confess I’m an instigator: I’m supposed to be well into macrobiotics, yet I have been known to bring in large containers of Necco wafers, containers of assorted chocolate and the previously-mentioned Tumbleweeds. Can’t have them at home; they’re not macrobiotic!

There’s no sense in hiding from it: We know our weaknesses all too well. If you’re trying to follow a strict diet or just a healthy eating plan, how do you combat the office goodies? Do you change the well-traveled path to your desk so you won’t pass the cookie jar? Avoid birthdays, team lunches and baby showers? What if a pie-pusher sits next to you? What if it’s your birthday?
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