Simon Terry & Life-Affirming Work

So by now we’ve been told that “do what you love” isn’t the answer to everything, nor is it even feasible, nor is it even healthy—whether you buy into the preceding because of the idea that employers will use that to exploit you or that you still have to pay your bills while you’re chasing that dream.

Pretty glum, huh?


That’s why I like Simon Terry’s post, From Life-crushing to Life-affirming Work.

Because guess what: It is possible. It just takes more than yourself to do it.

“I believe the critical challenge for organisations as we move into the future of work is how to use learning, leadership and collaboration to create more life-affirming workplaces and work,” writes Simon, adding, “Calling hierarchical leaders to explain their actions is not a step taken lightly.”

Want the steps involved? Go to From Life-crushing to Life-affirming Work right now.

Did I mention Simon is also a Microsoft MVP?