Diverse Duo Saves the Day in “Hush, Mouse!” Picture Book

Who’s Mouse? A tiny kitten with a great big meow!

Mouse’s people are a little tired of all the meowing. They don’t pay much attention to her at all. Only Little Liz, the youngest child in the house, understands Mouse. Nobody pays much attention to her, either, so Little Liz and Mouse spend a lot of time together.

Then one day, Mouse hears a strange sound in the house. She and Little Liz investigate—and stop a crime!

For anyone who’s ever felt too small, too misunderstood, or too ignored, Hush, Mouse! is sure to sweeten their day and help them believe they are just right.

Get it now in hardcover and softcover, and also in dyslexic font.

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing:

Regular font | Dyslexic font


Regular font | Dyslexic font

“The Squeezor is Coming” has come!

He’s here! And he wants to come to YOUR house, too.


The Squeezor is Coming!

“Capturing the hearts of little and big monster lovers, The Squeezor is Coming teaches two significant lessons: acceptance of others who are different and self-acceptance.” -Erica Graham, author of the Talking Tales series.

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Also comes in dyslexic font.


MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing Open For Submissions

Authors and illustrators! Right now, my publisher (for an upcoming children’s book of which you’ll hear more about soon) is open for submissions. No agent needed!

I don’t know how long they’ll be open, so submit your manuscript now.

I have been enjoying the experience. Plus, they make all their books available in “dyslexic font” so that children with dyslexia, and parents with dyslexia who are reading to their kids, can have a better experience.

“At MCP, we teach tolerance and understanding by educating people about the beautiful differences in this world.”