Free For a Limited Time! “What’s At the End Of Your Nose?” on Kindle

Just in time for Mother’s Day, here’s my gift to you for moms, kids, and the whole family to enjoy together!

What’s At the End of Your Nose? is FREE on Kindle for a limited time (May 10 – May 14, 2017) to add to your Mother’s Day festivities.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to bring Sidney Snail and his adventures into your home! Click here to view & purchase.


Copyright 2017 Becky Benishek “What’s At the End Of Your Nose?


Sidney will find you faster if you show him the way! 🙂


Copyright 2016 Becky Benishek “What’s At the End Of Your Nose?

How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager

how-to-get-a-jobWhat’s this? Just a shout-out to a MASSIVE DISCOUNT just spotted on the eBook, “How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager,” by Alison Green.

I’m an avid reader of Alison’s Ask a Manager blog, where you get awesome advice (and opinions) free of charge that help keep you on your career path, so I have no compunction wholeheartedly endorsing this eBook.

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