How to Train (and Find!) Community Managers on Yammer

Hi! Are you launching or considering launching a Yammer network?

From launch to beyond, you’ll want to know how to find, train, and nurture community managers so you don’t have to be the only one!

So, go read my post on the Office 365 network. You don’t even have to log in!

And A New Yammer Network Is Born

Today we launched my second Yammer External Network, making this my third Yammer network in total that I actively manage.

And we are so excited. And busy!

This new External Network is intended for a smaller yet important and impactful side of our company: Dementia care.

Similar to our Instructor Community, the Dementia Capable Care Community is intended to help our Certified Instructors share ideas, insights, and strategies to help deliver the best training experiences possible.

The difference will come when we get into Phase 2: Inviting in memory care groups, leaders, clients, advocates, who may not have had our training at all, but who align with our vision of person-centered care.

This makes it a new type of community for me to manage, and one that’s very toothsome.

And now, back to work!