The #1 Reason I #FollowFriday

If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve probably run across #FollowFriday or #FF for short. You may have wondered what the heck it is. Simply put, #FollowFriday is one way to recommend people as worth following.

Here are a couple examples:

#FF @TammyNMarshall for fantastic support & continuous good cheer!

#FF @myFootpath and @WomensAlly for a myriad of support & resources for the #career you choose.

I have people that support me on Twitter all day long. From the early-morning Happy Wake-up crew to the avid retweeters to the new friends, I am often awed and humbled by the generosity shown by people I have never met in real life. And they stay generous even on those days that I can’t always pay as much attention to my personal networking as I should.

So here’s the #1 reason I advocate #FollowFriday: To give back the love. Call it paying it forward, call it giving kudos, to me, #FollowFriday is one of the nicest ways to spread the good word about great people to other great people.

It works in reverse, too. If I see one of my followers tweet a #FF name or list, I think those people are worth following too.

So if you’re on Twitter, consider giving a shout-out to those who make your day. They might just #FF you right back!

And I couldn’t leave this post without a shout-out to my early morning wake-up crew: @YouTernMark, @myFootpath, @ed_han, @WomensAlly, @Careerbright, @dianaantholis and @Workway. Here’s a #FF to you snazzy, savvy peeps!

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Hired for the Holidays: Could It Be You?

What do you get when you match job candidates with jobs that make them happy–and vice versa? Hired for the Holidays!

If you’re on Twitter, you may already have seen it mentioned on #careerchat, or you may have noticed an influx of the #hiredholidays hashtag. Hired for the Holidays is a completely free, not-for-profit collaborative effort founded by Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern.

Mark’s idea was born out of noticing that while job seekers are diligently promoting themselves on social media platforms by participating in Twitter chats, making connections and staying active in their industries, employers just aren’t giving them the attention–or the jobs!–they deserve.

That’s where Hired for the Holidays comes in. We provide job seekers that added push, needed advice, job search resources or just a commiserating shoulder.

I am proud to be a Hired for the Holidays sponsor with #careerchat helping spread the word.

How to get included?

Hired for the Holidays is actively seeking more sponsors – and candidates. This way to the press release