Is Gen X Forgotten, Or Just Disregarded?

I’ll be honest, I’m coming at this topic today because I saw yet another article that showed how much Gen X is skipped over.

When in fact, we’re not going anywhere (we can’t afford to), and even if we could, we still have a hell of a lot to offer.

Now, it may just be my skewed perception that social media is full of tips and advice for Boomers and Millennials.

And sure, any group deserves tips and advice, and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any left over for any other demographic.

Nor does it mean that any other generation hasn’t felt exactly what I am.

It just seems that down to our very name, X, we’ve been given up on before we even really got started.


I know, failure is supposed to be a good thing. Eventually.

Viability should come down to whether the person in the cube, office, open-plan desk, or IM window next to you is actually doing something, not what their age is while they’re doing it.

And you know what that means: Multi-generational companies.

Where you realize that people’s needs aren’t that different no matter if they were born on this side of 1967 or 1987.

That it isn’t a whole generation that isn’t adaptable, it’s individual people in it.

That it isn’t just the latest generation that has something to offer, but that other perspectives are still important even if they come with character lines (or not!).

African elephants, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Lot of character here.

So enough with the skipping over! Learn from everyone you can in your workplace, even if no article or meme tells you to.


Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation: Stereotypes & (Mis)Perceptions in the Workplace

Gen Ys are lazy.

Gen Xers are whiners.

Baby Boomers are workaholics.

With all the trash-talking and stereotyping going on, it’s no wonder people think we can’t all get along!

Throwing generational daggers at each other is nothing new, especially as your workplace could have four generations trying to co-exist as we speak.

That’s why we asked this question on our Twitter #careerchat: What’s REALLY behind generational differences in the workplace?

Takeaways from the chat:

  • WomensAlly: There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them. -Tom Krause
  • TECMidwest: The amount of professional experience influences your traits. Some people are more eager to learn.
  • SarahHofmann: Give us 5 years, and we’ll have experience. Inevitable to any generation, not necessarily a generational trait.
  • WomensAlly:  Learn from the leadership role models in your life.
  • thatwoman_is: Older doesn’t mean smarter and experienced. Younger doesn’t mean easier to grasp technology. It’s confidence.
  • karolynliberty: Millennials Need Input.
  • Jelfster: We need to concentrate on the value of the individual versus their age. Unacceptable to stereotype by any other criteria.
  • karolynliberty: Would love direct actionable negative feedback, not traditional office politics that we really don’t understand yet
  • WriterChanelle: Sometimes Gen Y are a little too reliant on tech. Sometimes better to talk to someone rather than email.
  • thatwoman_is: I think like race – the different generations have plenty of similar traits – we just focus too much on differences.
  • WriterChanelle: Common sense isn’t common!

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