Who I Am Thankful For: You!

Today was supposed to be a day of rest; resting up before the big feast, that is. Soon enough we’ll going to the parents-in-law for Thanksgiving dinner where I’ll be breaking some of my macrobiotic rules in the name of togetherness while we all still can be together. And I won’t mind it a bit.

Then I read Ty Unglebower’s My 2011 MVPs post and to my surprise and pleasure, I was on his list, included in what I consider to be exalted company. I know some of them, some I don’t, but it inspired me to check them all out, because Ty is one of those discerning individuals whose good opinion is valuable to have.

As are his blog post ideas. Suddenly all I could think about was who I’m thankful for, too! I’m taking the liberty of assuming my family knows how I feel (love you all!), so I dedicate this post to my friends. Here we go!