Readers’ Favorite Review For “Dr. Guinea Pig George”

Double wow! I was grateful when they did it for “What’s at the End of Your Nose?” and I am so grateful now for this editorial review for “Dr. Guinea Pig George.”


Copyright 2016 Becky Benishek for “Dr. Guinea Pig George”

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite:

“Dr. Guinea Pig George is a children’s book, written by Becky Benishek and illustrated by Kelly Cline. George is a Guinea Pig who lives with a human family. At the head of the family’s household is a doctor, also named George. As patients call Dr. George’s home, his pet Guinea Pig mistakenly assumes that the call is for him. While the doctor prepares for patient visits, his Guinea Pig cleans his own cage, before climbing down to the floor and sneaking into the doctor’s medical bag, which is taken on house visits. Over time, Guinea Pig George learns human mannerisms and medical terminology. One day, when he accidentally falls out of Dr. George’s bag during a house call, the frightened Guinea Pig scurries to the nearest house and calls out, only to be recognized by the occupant as Dr. George’s Guinea Pig. By the time the doctor arrives, he is greeted by the sight of his Guinea Pig, George, who’d just patched up his first young patient.

“I would have to say that this is one of the most unique, joyful books I have read in a very long time. Becky Benishek’s story of a guinea pig who pays careful attention to his humans is a great book for kids to read, and would also be enjoyable to grown-up guinea pig owners as well! With most of the story’s focus being on the behavior of the family guinea pig, readers quickly learn how George interacts with his human family, while carefully absorbing as much observed detail as possible. In doing so, he knows exactly what to do and where to go when Dr. George accidentally drops his bag in a patient’s driveway, leading him to not only misplace some of his medical supplies, but also causing him to inadvertently lose his guinea pig too! From start to finish, Dr. Guinea Pig George fills his readers with delight. I recommend Dr. Guinea Pig George to all readers, young and old, who are not only mesmerized by the human-like traits of animals, but also who adore their guinea pigs!”

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I sent in my request on Feb 26, and just received a text that my book had been reviewed this morning (March 3).

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Guinea Pig Dentistry

We just got back from Teddy’s follow-up dentist appointment. Here he is, wanting us to stop gabbing with the dentist so he could go back home to his normal morning routine.


Teddy at the dentist’s office. No treasure chest for guinea pigs, alas.

Last November, we had to take Teddy to the vet because he was experiencing trouble eating, though his appetite remained the same. It turned out that his back teeth were overgrowing and occasionally trapping his tongue. So he went under sedation and all of his teeth got filed down.

This sounds much more succinct than it was. For one, he had to have a specialist–a guinea pig dentist!–and there is only one in our entire state. There was some bleeding. He took a long time to recover and get back to his normal self.

We saw the X-rays; that was no easy filing.

I am sure that “new” teeth feel weird. Add in pain meds and antibiotics and having to be syringe-fed very essential but very gooey goo, and I wouldn’t be happy either.

Plus, think about it: One day he was more or less doing his usual thing and then the next thing he knows, he’s waking up with all this stuff having happened to him that he has no say in.

So Teddy wasn’t at all convinced that we knew what we were doing, either. If you’ve ever tried syringing in anything to a reluctant animal’s mouth, well, don’t let the compact size of a guinea pig fool you. Teddy managed to get goo on the back of my husband’s head. We still haven’t figured out how.


Nostril von Pigg

But he’s a tough little guy, and he did get through this traumatic ordeal, but we knew then that it was unlikely this would be the last of it.


And that’s proving to be the case. The dentist does suspect that the malocclusion with his back teeth starting to grow over his tongue is happening again. We most likely will have to bring him in next month for sedation & teeth-grinding again, unless things suddenly worsen and we have to bring him in earlier.

Fortunately, for right now, Teddy is a happy, bouncy, affectionate, talkative boy, and he’s happily eating. He plays with us on the floor and acts like a wriggle-pig of less than a year even though he’ll be four in April.

No matter what, we’re going to keep him enjoying himself as much as we can, because quality of life is important.

But it’s hard, being the ones who get to worry.

In the meantime, you can keep track of Teddy and enjoy pictures of him and other guinea pigs at my guinea pig Facebook Page. There’s a warm community of knowledgeable guinea pig lovers, and a whole lot of cute pictures to brighten your day.



This Guinea Pig Thinks He’s a Doctor (Book Launch!)

Once there was a guinea pig named George, who lived in a house with a person named George and all of the Person George’s family.

The Person George was a doctor who made house calls.

Whenever the phone would ring, and someone in the house would answer it, they would say, “George, a patient’s calling!”

And Guinea Pig George would think they meant him.

Oh yes, I am already back with my second book for 2017! Available in Kindle and paperbook formats.

And! I’m running yet another FREE Kindle promo for a limited time. Get George now:

(I also just now found out that pasting an Amazon link directly into WordPress generates the above awesome image with links. Whoops!)

I first wrote George in 1999. So says the latest draft I found when I dug the story back up a year or so ago. I polished it, got it edited by the absolutely marvelous, and had the equally marvelous Kelly illustrate him just as she did for Sidney Snail in “What’s at the End of Your Nose?

I’ve been a huge fan of guinea pigs for a long time. You can meet my current guinea pig, Teddy, over on his own fan page (among other guinea pigs I find and post).

But now: Meet George!


Copyright 2016 Becky Benishek for “Dr. Guinea Pig George”