Taste Bud Satisfaction: Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees

So I really need to get out of the habit of grabbing tasty-looking boxes out of my health food store’s freezer, but I couldn’t help it when I saw these: Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees.


What I like about these little pizza-pocket clones is that they’re vegetarian, no cholesterol, no trans fats, and the real kicker, are lactose-free. This does mean they have soy cheese, so for those of you with an aversion to soy, these guys are definitely not for you. And there’s a larger list of ingredients, including enriched flour and evaporated cane juice, that makes these definitely not an every day snack.

But for the harried worker-on-the-go with a microwave at work and an empty stomach, these soothe hunger pains and are quite tasty with a smooth, creamy innards and satisfying outer shell. Cook them in a toaster oven if you can, but all in all, you could do worse than grab a Spinach Munchee.

Taste Bud Satisfaction: Health is Wealth Vegan Vegetable Spring Rolls

Next time you’re in a hurry and want to take something to work that’s convenient, fast-cooking, and vegan to boot, try these: Health is Wealth Vegetable Spring Rolls, loaded with the promise of toothsome innards.

Looking at the ingredients, I’m not so sure I like the enriched part of the spring roll wrapper since I’ve long had a bias that “enriched” means somebody took out something like 15 vitamins and put back 8. But I don’t really know what makes a spring roll wrapper a spring roll wrapper, and the fact that these have no partially-hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup goes a long, long way with me. They certainly called to me out of the organic section of the freezer.

In any case, check out the goodies that fill these puppies up: Tofu, cabbage, carrots, rice noodles, black mushrooms and onions married with sea salt, red and black pepper, a touch of garlic and other spices.

I took these to work on Friday and heated them up in the microwave, and I have to say, while a toaster/convection oven would have been better for a slightly crispier shell, these were really quite tasty and filled me up. I recommend!