Motivation: Good Hustle vs Bad Hustle

Good Hustle: “Grabbing opportunities.”

Bad Hustle: “Sacrificed hobbies/interests.”

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Hustle vs Hustle

Grounded, Safe, In Touch, and Apart: A Rejuvenating Experience

I think I had a rejuvenating experience yesterday.

This infographic has been floating around Facebook (also found here), and I completely agree with its tenet that there’s a link between human health and the great outdoors. Personally, I get a bit twitchy when I haven’t been around trees for awhile.

All day I was stuck inside, battling an incessant bout of the sneezes and working from home at the same time. I suppose I could have put my head and the rest of myself outside for a few minutes, but this particular outside is very unprepossessing: A few straggling county- or condo-owned trees, a Park’n’Ride lot, a busy street, and foot traffic from other members of our condo community.

It’ll come as no surprise that I wish to be out of this condo community some day soon. About the only joy I get from our outdoors here is the lilac tree that we don’t even own, and the warbling finches that come to the bird bath we do own.

I saw that infographic above and posted it to my own Facebook wall. When my husband came home from his job, he had one thought in his head: Whisk me off to the woods.

I was still sneezing, irritated, and disinclined to move, but I went anyway.

It was perfect.

I got my trees, but also something I didn’t even know I needed: The intoxicating abandon of the wind.

The park we went to has it all–forest, picnic grounds, golf course, trails, and the lake. One way to see the lake is from above, cliffside, gazing out to the horizon. I found such a cliffside, with the wind tearing my hair to pieces before I even got close, and the waves roaring up at me from so far down below.

All around me was erosion, yes, and trees canting crazily off the crumbled sides, and a rickety wood-and-wire barrier to keep fools out–yet I knew I had to get closer, knew I had to sink to the ground and just sit there in the grass and let the wind sweep over me.

And I did. I felt perfectly safe, grounded, in touch with the earth, the sky, and the lake–in touch and a part of them, yet apart as well. Whether I was there or not, the wind would keep blustering and the trees would keep on growing. The very unexpectedness of this rather desolate place served as an anodyne to my particular ague, and there was something about the disinterest of the elements that put me back into my own perspective. I was able to come back home refreshed, awake, and alive again. Priceless.

The forest

The cliff, and it was far more windy than this shot shows

Feeling great!

What ‘s your go-to for recharging? Has anything unexpected ever helped you?

#Reverb11 Day 30: 3 Wishes!

Prompt: 3 Wishes – If a genie could grant you 3 wishes for 2012, what would they be?

This is so the kind of thing where I know I’d leave out something incredibly important or word something stupidly and end up with a sausage on my nose.

I also can’t look at this prompt without remembering what my dad always told me: For your last wish, ask for three more wishes. I know, there’s usually always a caveat that you can’t ask for any more wishes, either an infinite number or a measly three. There’s no free lunch.

So with all that, even this prompt with no genie in sight makes me unreasonably nervous. But as I’m in the relative safety of my own blog, I’ll venture forth with these:

1. Excellent health that’s not at the expense of something else in our lives, including actual expense and not including death being the ultimate cure (i.e. live out our natural lifespans, please).

2. Dreams/aspirations working out for the best, with the strength to accomplish them, including latent plans for writing and singing–and where I also KNOW it’s worked out for the best. There’s nothing worse than wondering if something would have been great after you passed it by. Maybe that kind of knowledge is too dangerous to have, but hey, it’s my wish.

3. Please let us not blow this planet up or otherwise wreck it past redemption, flora and fauna both. I’m not talking any 2012 crap–though you get enough people believing in that and something stupid will happen–I’m talking the trampling over, under and through our natural resources and the beings that live on them as if we haven’t learned anything all the years we’ve seen fit to reign over this planet. Yeah, this one bugs. We could stand another Age of Enlightenment. I do have hope; if we keep communicating and figuring things out for the benefit of all, we could do amazing things.

So my addendum to this last wish is that we don’t stop talking to each other. It all comes down to the same thing in the end.

Read more fables about the foolish use of wishes! I admit I quit after the first one; rather abrupt and gloomy.
In fact, after reading Ty’s post about wishes and his link to The Monkey’s Paw, I have determined that all these “wishes” stories are conspiring to keep us from wishing without extreme caution–or wishing at all!