What’s your heartbreak song?

Linda Ronstadt’s “Long, Long Time.” Joe Cocker’s “Don’t You Love Me Anymore.” ABBA’s “Winner Takes it All.” Pearl Jam’s “Black.”

A heartbreak song doesn’t have to be a designated “sad” song or even one with gut-wrenching lyrics. A heartbreak song is the kind of song you can’t hear without crying, a song you dread because of the face you’ll see. A song you used to delight in because you shared it or associated it with that special someone once upon a time, and now…well, now you can’t shake it loose from that time, that image, that other soul.

And sometimes you ride your own wave of destruction and play that song on purpose, make a playlist out of your hurt, because that loose-tooth pain brings back the shining, hallowed, awesome times as well as the times that are so very bad. That bittersweet twist can be its own crazed lure.

What are your songs? What are your memories? Have you ever reclaimed a song from “heartbreak” status?

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