SCBWI-Wisconsin Fall 2018: The Squeezor is Coming!

The Squeezor is Coming! joins these great children’s books in the Fall 2018 releases from SCBWI-Wisconsin!

Here’s the full flyer. Keep scrolling for the downloadable PDF.

Here’s the PDF to download: FallBookRelease2018 (PDF)

Please share! Send or give to friends, co-workers, librarians, teachers, and anyone you can think of.

You never know who knows somebody who needs to know something like this. 🙂

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing Open For Submissions

Authors and illustrators! Right now, my publisher (for an upcoming children’s book of which you’ll hear more about soon) is open for submissions. No agent needed!

I don’t know how long they’ll be open, so submit your manuscript now.

I have been enjoying the experience. Plus, they make all their books available in “dyslexic font” so that children with dyslexia, and parents with dyslexia who are reading to their kids, can have a better experience.

“At MCP, we teach tolerance and understanding by educating people about the beautiful differences in this world.”

How Illustrators Can Make an Amazon Author Page

I have been trying to get my illustrator, Kelly Cline, to make an Amazon Author Page, because people are noticing her wonderful skills, and I think she should get recognition!

I just sent her this article on how to do it, because it’s not at all intuitive, so I’m linking it here in case it’ll help you, too: How To Make Amazon Work For You, #3: Author Pages for Illustrators.

I just made this montage for my own Facebook page with Kelly’s illustrations; I wanted to show the full color of Dr. Guinea Pig George while demonstrating the color-me-in feature of What’s at the End of Your Nose?.

She’s so extremely versatile and I love how she captures both expression and whimsy with an economy of line.


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And yes, I am still having a blast with my dream come true!