Gimme Some of Dat Corn Sugar! Mmm!

What irks me is the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) people in the Corn Refiners Association think we’re so stupid we’ll never catch on to the fact that they just…renamed their poison. Not only couldn’t they care less what they’re feeding us, they’re insultingly assuming we’ll simply stop reading ingredients and forget there was a name change. They think our heads zip up the back!

A rose by any other name, people. Something stinks in the food industry.

Really, all sugar is supposed to be toxic for us, so limiting sweety mcsweetersons from our diets is ultimately the way to go (if you subscribe to that tenet in the first place). I know I like things with evaporated cane syrup in them, and that’s just another name for sugar too.

But there are degrees of toxicity, and if I’m going to indulge, I’d rather have the real thing than this sludge that’s appearing everywhere just because it’s cheaper than real sugar. HFCS is even in croutons, for pete’s sake!

More on HFCS:

The Heaven That’s a Sweet Potato (Recipe Time!)

If it weren’t for sweet potatoes, I don’t know what I’d do.

Well, I’d exist, obviously. And find something else. But one of the things I had the most difficulty with when embarking on macrobiotics was the nightshade family. Macrobiotics recommends staying away from or limiting your use of nightshades.  Apparently they like to leech calcium from your bones. We all need that, don’t we?

So taken simply, if nightshades = bad, and potatoes = nightshades, then potatoes = bad. I LOVE POTATOES. Arrgh.

Syllogistic logic aside, sweet potatoes or yams are NOT in the nightshade family, and therefore I use them within and without reason, and will figure out my own approach toward regular potatoes later.

What follows is a sweet potato concoction that I throw together at least once a week, because it tastes so good and doesn’t take all that long. I doubt any of it’s original, but that’s what sharing recipes is all about!

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