Read This: “Ask a Manager.”

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Seriously. The AskaManager site is essential if you want to:

  • Get ahead in your career
  • Stay put in your career
  • Figure out how to answer common or bizarrely insane interview questions
  • Manage your boss
  • Manage your coworkers
  • Manage yourself
  • Deal with a toxic culture from the parking lot to the C-suite
  • Recognize when it really isn’t you, it’s them, and you should get out as soon as possible
  • Recognize when it IS you, not them
  • And so much more.

Even if you don’t think you have any current issues, concerns, qualms, or quarrels, this site is pure crack to read anyway, from the emails sent in, to Alison’s no-nonsense yet empathetic advice, to the crowd of awesome commenters.

And it’s completely free. Try it now!



“Ask a Manager” Answers Your Career Questions


Do women have to wear makeup to look professional?

How soon can you tell if a job isn’t right for you?

How do you avoid working for a bad boss?

I’m so glad I finally came across Alison Green’s Ask a Manager site. She gives succinct, meaningful advice for topics ranging from all of the above to much more, including how to ask for post-interview feedback without being a jerk. And yes, the often hard-hitting, never gratuitous humor appealed to me very much. I’m hooked!

Readers add their take, too, rounding out your experience with theirs, or at least providing different facets to the same issue. I guarantee you’ll find something worthwhile if you take the time to look.

As Alison herself says:

“I believe in being brutally honest with yourself — about what matters to you and how much, about what you can and can’t change, about how you’re going to respond to the things that you can’t or won’t change, and about reality in general. This is the recipe for a happy career and a happy life.”

Don’t wait a second longer–Ask a Manager now! Warning: This site is highly addictive.

I just graduated with no job. Now what?

When you’re a freshly-minted grad with your degree or diploma in hand, what do you do when the crickets are chirping and the job prospects seem BLEAK?

Our Twitter #careerchat took up the challenge and came up with great solutions. Find one (or more) that works for you!

Key takeaways:

  • DaveYouTern: If you haven’t already… start networking. Note I said networking – building relationships. Networking isn’t “gimme a job!”
  • ComeRecommended: Don’t be afraid to take time off to figure out your goals, but make sure to actually DO something like travel, volunteer, intern.
  • ALKUJess: Staying busy and proving that you have a good work ethic in any field will be beneficial when you try to find a career.
  • myFootpath: Maximize your face-to-face networking by meeting contacts on FB/Twitter/LinkedIn BEFOREHAND. Know who you want to talk to.
  • WomensAlly: Tell FRANK: F=friends R=relatives, A=acquaintances N=neighbors K=kids.


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