TODAY ONLY: Free Downloads of Bobbie Hinman’s Fairy Stories

TODAY ONLY (April 4): Award-winning author Bobbie Hinman has made all five of her fairy books FREE on Kindle.

Finally get those explanations for some of life’s little mysteries. . .download them now!

Spring into springtime reading with your little ones!

Or with just yourself!

Can you spot guinea pig George and Sidney Snail?

Award-winning author Carole P. Roman presents Spring Reading by Indie Authors!

“The purpose of our reading collection┬áis to bring the best unheard stories to readers all over the world. Sometimes, all it takes is the right book to connect to and feed the imagination.”

Get links for all of these books, Kindle and paperback included, right here. Enjoy!

Kirkus Reviews sent me their magazine!

Kirkus Reviews surprised me by sending me their magazine! Now I have a hard copy of their review for Dr. Guinea Pig George, not just digital. Such a kind and generous thing to do.

Want to bring this engaging little fellow home for your family? He takes much less care than a real guinea pig! ­čÖé

Dr. Guinea Pig George is available in paperback, Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited.