To Respond or Not to Respond: The LinkedIn Introduction Question

In the job seeker world, you hear a lot about “paying it forward,” a great form of networking that seems to happen organically once people start interacting with¬†others in the same boat, or with those trying to help them get off that boat. As Joey (@PushJobs) from Push Consultant Group says: Knowledge is to be shared!


LinkedIn provides an easy way to spread some of that karmic Kool-Aid and, by proxy, that career-helpful knowledge: LinkedIn Introductions.

Sometimes something as simple as introducing one of your connections to another one of your connections can move that person one step closer to a job. Great, right?

But it’s one thing when you’re the one initiating the introduction because you think Person A and Person B need to get connected. Do the rules change if you’re the one being asked to do the introducing?

When you get that request, what makes you respond positively? What turns you off? Do you feel protective over your connections, or feel that people can take care of themselves?