Lactaid Eggnog: Grade A for Lactose-Free Needs


“A holiday treat so satisfying you might consider it a winter miracle!” claims LACTAID® on their site.

They’re right. I can’t (shouldn’t) drink eggnog anymore, yet have loved it since I was a child. Around this time of year, I crave that taste and perhaps a little of that tangible childhood memory, along with the way the house would smell with good things simmering in the kitchen and the heat on, and how snow used to be pure fun instead of something to drive through.

Nostalgia aside, LACTAID® Eggnog was all we could find one recent weekend. Usually I go for Silk or So Delicious, but as we were going to a party where regular eggnog would be served, we snatched it up.

Was it ever good! 100% lactose free–there’s a lactase enzyme in the mix to counteract the milk, so if that historically doesn’t work for you, you might want to be wary of this brand–so I had all the taste of regular nog without having to pop a lactase pill of my own.

I had the same experience as if I had taken a lactase pill, which means an hour passed before I detected the slight side-effects of my innards knowing I have milk in me (it’s really hard to fool innards). Certainly nothing I’m not used to, nor was it close to what full-blown, unprotected milk would have given me. As those with lactose intolerance or milk digestive issues know, it’s really nice to relax without the digestible worry.

What are your lactose-free eggnog brands?

Tastebud Satisfaction: Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Cheeze

I know I said in an earlier post that rice macaroni’n’cheese, especially the gluten free, dairy free and soy free and caseinate-free kind, can taste like warmed-over pressed cardboard.

That was before I tried Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Dairy Free Cheeze. I just may be converted.

Every bit as good as the “regular” macaroni and dairy-free cheeze, this organic rice pasta dish, loaded with taste, cooked to a tender, creamy, piping-hot entree. That just-like-the-real-thing flavor is something Amy’s does extremely well with their mac’n’cheese.

The sodium’s a little high at 740 mg, but you know what, I enjoyed every bite. For the macrobiotic or vegan on the go, you could do far worse than have this for lunch!

Taste Bud Satisfaction: Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees

So I really need to get out of the habit of grabbing tasty-looking boxes out of my health food store’s freezer, but I couldn’t help it when I saw these: Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees.


What I like about these little pizza-pocket clones is that they’re vegetarian, no cholesterol, no trans fats, and the real kicker, are lactose-free. This does mean they have soy cheese, so for those of you with an aversion to soy, these guys are definitely not for you. And there’s a larger list of ingredients, including enriched flour and evaporated cane juice, that makes these definitely not an every day snack.

But for the harried worker-on-the-go with a microwave at work and an empty stomach, these soothe hunger pains and are quite tasty with a smooth, creamy innards and satisfying outer shell. Cook them in a toaster oven if you can, but all in all, you could do worse than grab a Spinach Munchee.