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I remember being asked by a career coach at the start of my career, “What is your best asset?”

I answered, “Myself!” It seemed logical to me.

Mind you, I didn’t think I was at the start of any career, I was just happy to be employed. It was more the norm then: School, college, job.

Now I pay much more attention to what I’m doing and why. So when I saw this-11 Remarkably Effective Ways to Lead by Example-it seemed to be the right time. And time to brush up on some of these skills!

Time to brush up on some of these skills.


I’m not sure what’s going on here, but they’re following something.


Community Management IS Leadership

Fellow Microsoft MVP Amy Dolzine wrote a great post about the intense yet fulfilling struggle that community managers experience every day, and that because of this:

“There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’re making a difference in large and small ways every single day.”

I agree.

What does this have to do with leadership? Everything!


When he’s done yawning–excuse me, roaring–he’ll get back to leading.

Thanks to Amy, I now know this excerpt from The Good Struggle, which speaks to me quite strongly about how community management IS leadership:

  1. Am I really grappling with the fundamentals?
  2.  What am I accountable for?
  3. How do I make critical decisions?
  4. Do we have the right core values?
  5. Why have I chosen this life?

The first four questions are essential for creating, shaping, and nurturing a community.

The fifth question helps you know for sure if you’ve got the fire inside that keeps you wanting to do it!

Read Amy’s take on the fundamentals, and let me know if you feel a real sense of leadership when you do your job.


The Split-Second Leadership Statement


Where you let people do their thing until they prove that they aren’t doing their thing, and then you step in and say, “How can we fix this so you do your thing?”

There’s more to leadership, of course, but this was only a split second.


This aardvark leads by example: Nap time