Read This: The Death of Command and Control

“The phrase “command and control” must be dropped from the leader’s lexicon. Words have history and power. The former command and control structures focused information and decision making onto one supposed superman in a rigid hierarchy and expected him to make infallible decisions with omniscient knowledge. These structures are being defeated, bankrupted, and destroyed as we speak.” – #Leadership: The Death of Command and Control

An excellent read by Kurt Degerlund, an officer in the United States Air Force and a C-17 Aircraft Commander, about why command and control should be replaced with appreciation and leadership—and what, exactly, leadership is.


This rooster leads by example.

Simon Terry & Life-Affirming Work

So by now we’ve been told that “do what you love” isn’t the answer to everything, nor is it even feasible, nor is it even healthy—whether you buy into the preceding because of the idea that employers will use that to exploit you or that you still have to pay your bills while you’re chasing that dream.

Pretty glum, huh?


That’s why I like Simon Terry’s post, From Life-crushing to Life-affirming Work.

Because guess what: It is possible. It just takes more than yourself to do it.

“I believe the critical challenge for organisations as we move into the future of work is how to use learning, leadership and collaboration to create more life-affirming workplaces and work,” writes Simon, adding, “Calling hierarchical leaders to explain their actions is not a step taken lightly.”

Want the steps involved? Go to From Life-crushing to Life-affirming Work right now.

Did I mention Simon is also a Microsoft MVP?

Looking For A Few Good Twitter Career Accounts to Follow?

twitter_helpAs a successful and savvy leader of your own career, you might just be interested in the people Huffington Post pulled together in their Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow.

One hundred people can seem a lot to add to your already-overloaded career musts, but they come grouped into different categories to make your selection easier. Choose from media organizations that provide diverse content and news, thought leaders who also encourage your personal development, and social leaders who shape and share trends.

Pic from another article to check out with more Twitter accounts: “How Twitter Can Help Your Career.”