Tastebud Satisfaction: Glutino Gluten Free Lemon Wafer Cookies

Sometimes, quality of life includes a shot of lemon zing wrapped in delicate clouds of wafer.

Glutino Lemon Flavored Wafers are made in Israel, so you don’t get all the high fructose corn syrup or sucralose or any of the other fake sugars that I’ve been wary of since companies found it cheaper to use them (the fact that they show up in something like croutons only adds to my distrust, but I digress.)

These wafers aren’t exactly health-laden either, for all they’re gluten free; the ingredients start with sugar disguised as evaporated cane juice, so you know right off that this is an indulgence.

But what an indulgence! That awesome snap of lemon crispness is so refreshing, so satisfying, that you feel like you’ve eaten a full dessert when you’ve only had a couple bite-sized wafers.

Try ’em!