Just a Guinea Pig

Mostly because I decided to take most of the day off!

So here’s Teddy:


A New Kind of Puzzle For Me & the Guinea Pig

Followers of my Teddy the Guinea Pig Facebook page know that Teddy loves to help me with logic puzzles.


See. Helping.

Well, last night, a new kind of puzzle appeared in our house.


The first piece you pick is very important.


Pieces tasted: 7
Pieces picked up: 4
Pieces run away with: 1
Pieces scattered because somebody had to walk over everything just when I had the corner pieces all laid out: 20

Motivation: A Little Logic (Puzzle)

I love doing logic puzzles. So does my guinea pig.

He just does them in a different way than I do.


Teddy Pigg & logic puzzles

Whether your method includes ingestion (the better to absorb all this learning) or not, I recommend trying one out just to see if you enjoy making your brain do a little recreational work. Challenge yourself!


A handy screengrab.

Here’s a good start if you want to try one online.

Look for PennyPress Logic Puzzles in your bookstore or grocery store-that-has-magazines, or online.


What are you waiting for?