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Clouting Klout

pschroedcom.comIf you’re in the Twitter world, you may have been enmeshed in the Klout furor the other day, with its claims for a more accurate, transparent score with yet another refined algorithm. This more accurate, transparent score caused a lot of people’s scores to drop 10, 20 or more points.

This resulted in a whole lot of pissed-off people: “Having recently decided to try to use Klout to understand my influence and having recently taken action to change my online behavior based on that Klout, it’s very disheartening to learn that the activities that I was being told by Klout were making me more influential now rate as activities that made me (in Klout’s eyes) less influential.”

I’ll say it now: I don’t “get” Klout.

For mutual enlightenment, read on

Your “Klout” Factor

When you’re involved with social media, whether for your job or personal use, you want to know how other people see you. Are people listening? What are potential employers thinking? How many crickets are chirping?

What you’re looking for is your influence with a capital I, and that isn’t easy to measure, especially online. But gives it a good shot, continuously working on the algorithms and data crunching that show just how your message is getting across (if it is at all). With factors such as True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score, Klout shows how your influence is driving people to take action.

Curious? It’s doesn’t cost a thing to look up your Klout score—just type in your Twitter name. Sign up and add in other social media platforms like Facebook and your score can radically change.

Whether you view Klout as just a passing fad, a small part of what should be a more comprehensive process, especially from the employer’s point of view, or as a true marker of your social media worthiness, it definitely gives you a lot to think about.

A recent Community Manager Twitter Chat (#cmgrchat) answered some great questions about “Klout” (and inspired this post). Check it out!