Indie Author Showcase: A Whole Line-Up Of Great Reads!

I was excited to be one of the showcased authors at the Indie Authors Monthly magazine booth during the 2018 Miami Book Fair. There were so many other, very talented authors being featured as well, that we thought we should bring them to you!

I’ll be adding to this page as we head toward the end of the year. You’ll find children’s books, suspense, mysteries, thrillers, and more. Bookmark this page or subscribe to my blog for your next favorite read!

      1. Ready for an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery? Then you need “A Stone’s Throw”! (Alex R Carver)
      2. Prepare to be mesmerized with “Crooked Grow the Trees” (Carmel Hanes)
      3. Your Next Thriller is “A u 7 9” (Anita Dickason)
      4. “Buried Ladies” Unearths Crime and the Dark Web (Angela Hausman)
      5. Supernatural “Stillwell” Spellbinds (Michael P Cash)
      6. “Bulwark” Brings Spine-Tingling Horror (Brit Lunden)
      7. Take a Crash-Dive Into This Romance Series (R.L Jackson)
      8. Small towns, big families, and happy endings in “Misty Lake” (Margaret Standafer)
      9. Immerse yourself in the death-defying mission of “Beyond the Code” (Kelsey Rae Barthel)
      10. How do you find an imaginary unicorn…especially when it may be real? (Del Henderson)
      11. “Beyond Stone” goes far beyond a sculptor’s realm (Christine Roney)
      12. Swords, sorcery, and sarcasm? You must be talking about “Heirs of Power”! (Kay MacLeod)
      13. “Missing Remnants” drags a suspended cop into an otherworldly investigation (DJ Cooper)
      14. Rogue programmers create a new race in “The Neuromorphs” (Dennis Meredith)
      15. “Monsterland Reanimated” keeps the world turned upside down (Michael Okon)
      16. Hoping to find your true path? “Just Ask the Universe”! (Michael Samuels)
      17. Kids Take Trips Around the World with Carole P Roman
      18. Lessons of Love and Change Fly In With a Baby Vulture (Elizabeth Vansyckle)
      19. Follow Little Miss History on her explorations! (Barbara Ann Mojica)
      20. George and Paolo Take Your Kids Traveling Without Leaving Home (Valerie Van Ballaer)
      21. Chinese dumplings find their way into a savory children’s book (Eugenia Chu)
      22. Whimsical stories that entertain and teach through the English language! (Erica Graham)
      23. Kids Take a Pretend Flight to Mexico and France! (Judy Martialay)
      24. This monster story helps kids who feel left out (Becky Benishek (me!))