Don Nedobeck, Kitschecoo, and Reminiscing

I stopped into Kitschecoo Art & Craft Shed the other day after a marvelous walk outside and around historic Greendale (Wisconsin), when I spied an entire display of books, calendars, and cards by Don Nedobeck.

Now in Florida, Nedobeck has been one of Milwaukee’s treasured artists for decades. Cats, frogs, ducks, fish, and other critters we know well populate a world we want to visit.


Birds have red shoes. Cats have lugubrious or thoughtful expressions. Alligators. . .well, you’ll just have to see for yourself about the alligators.

I remember my parents taking me to one of his book-signings. Here’s the title page for Nedobeck’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” (in hardcover, no less). I also remember my dad saying that we liked frogs, so he drew in a frog!


This generous author will sign and personalize any of his books with an original line-drawing for you or your child for only a small fee. Check it out (and watch out for those alligators)!

A 2016 Top Workplace in Milwaukee: Crisis Prevention Institute

I had the honor to attend a Top Workplaces Awards Breakfast today, and what that really means is I was a representative of my company, which had been chosen as a pretty awesome place to work.


Here’s the agenda. All the speakers were dynamic and had really great stories to tell of inspirational things happening right now in our businesses, and why they have hope for the future.




Perhaps it’s no surprise that employees tend to stick around in workplaces that they feel actually care about them as people.


Employee retention

And there was bacon.



And we all got a gift bag!



It was a great chance to hang out with the other coworkers selected from my company, and to hear what other companies did to make sure they nurtured an open, collaborative environment.

A fun, informative, and tasty event all in one!