Best Sales Call Ever


The need:

A tool that will measure social media engagement. I know, stunning, right? So, naturally, I took to Twitter to ask.

The response:

Several brand representatives reached out to me. I just now got off the phone with one of them.

The results:

Within two minutes, the brand rep figured out that their tool didn’t (yet) have what I wanted to the granular depth that I needed.

Why this was so great:

He didn’t try to sell it to me anyway. Instead, we finished up our already pleasant conversation and signed off with what I hope were mutual feelings of respect.

Ironically, that Miracle on 34th St principle combined with a great brand rep (thanks, Ron!) makes me wish I could do business with them. I will certainly keep them in mind for future needs.

In the meantime, let me point you to them: uberVU. Check them out for brand insights, monitoring, and listening.