#NaNoWriMo2020: Complete


Also: Wow!

If you’ve been through the National Novel Writer’s process this month, perhaps you felt as I did at varying points along the way:

  • “I had no idea about this facet of my character until they told me.”
  • “I was going to write about a different scene and now I have to follow my characters into this other scene instead. When do I get to write what I wanted to write?”
  • “I’m going to write later, I can’t wait! Right after the work day is done! Right after I make dinner! Right after I eat dinner! Right after I sit on the couch and…eh, I don’t feel like it anymore.”
  • “I’m sitting down, I’m opening my file, I’m going to type. Something will come out.”
  • “What do you mean, still 1,000 words to go for the day? I WROTE SO MUCH JUST NOW.”
  • “How many days are left? Ugh.”
  • “I’m exhilarated and amazed that the words are flowing! 1,667 already done for the day? Let’s do another set!”

Despite the gamut of emotions (which can be simplified into Delight, Disgust, Ennui, and Feeling Accomplished), at no time did I actually feel that I would give up. In fact, I intend to keep going every day. I wrote real stuff, concrete stuff, stuff where hopefully I’ll keep at least 10% of it.

I’ve lapsed far too long from continuing my beloved story. It’s time I worked toward finishing it!

I hope you had a favorable experience yourself, and that you can look back on your words with happiness, perhaps some awe, and definitely with that feeling of accomplishment.

It’s #NaNoWriMo Time!

Good luck and good writing to everyone participating in National Novel Writer’s Month!

A few days ago, after having apparently absorbed the ever-increasing #NaNoWriMo posts in my periphery, I decided this would be the perfect time to get back in earnest to my young adult fantasy novel that I had been writing–emphasize on the “had” part–and then had lapsed on due to a few fairly major, if good, life events. And that was before COVID-19.

Once I made the decision to take on #NaNoWriMo once more, I instantly felt better. I’d been missing my characters and their world without really doing much about getting back into it. Perhaps I needed this extra aegis of support to boost my dedication.

Let’s do this!

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#StayHomeWriMo is an initiative from National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) to “support and encourage you to stay well and find comfort in creativity in these trying times.”

And it’s adaptable to your needs! Read more about it and sign up for activities to choose among to support your well-being in any form.

As today is coming to a close (at least here), here are the prompts that arrived in my email: