An Honest Appraisal of Yammer

Yammer users, from casual viewer to Network Admins, know that Yammer isn’t perfect. No Enterprise Social Network is!

But if you’re considering launching this platform, or if you’re post-launch and wondering if you’ll ever get more than crickets chirping, read this: An honest appraisal of Yammer.

You’ll get the awesome and the not-so-much, but you’ll also get insight into a key facet that you should really never forget:

“It’s not so much about the tool, it’s about the culture.”

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This has nothing to do with this post.

[Career Post] Does This Title Sum Up Your Work Life?

Working With You Is Killing Me.”

I first heard about this book when reading Alison’s AskaManager blog.

The full title is “Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work,” and it’s by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster.

And it’s about what to do when you’re frustrated, being impinged upon, being bullied, being limited, and any other “workplace woe” that make you dread going in to work to sit with that for 40+ hours a week.


This may not be the best approach.

What I like is that this book teaches you what we also teach at CPI: The first step to dealing with and managing others is to manage yourself:

“The key to dealing effectively with difficult people and situations at work is to manage your internal responses first – the automatic reaction that someone else’s behaviour triggers inside you. You may heat up, blow up, shut down, freeze up or go into tailspin. Whatever your tendency, you must unhook.”

Here’s a larger excerpt.

Sabotaged At Work? How to Keep Your Head, Protect Yourself & Come Out On Top

I ran across this post of mine, and the topic is certainly not one that has gone away. While the site that generated this expert advice has changed, the helpfulness herein hasn’t!

And do check out for all things helpful in your career.

Author Becky Benishek

back stabber

You’re being sabotaged at work. You decide to:

  • Immediately get another job
  • Keep your head down and hope it all blows over
  • Go straight to HR, do not pass GO, do not collect $200

Oh, for an alternate reality! Unfortunately, here we have to deal with the economy and the fact that things like this rarely do blow over. Even more unfortunately, your human resources department isn’t always the helpful human resource you need it to be.

“HR is not an option for me to go to,” said a friend who’d been the victim of dirty office politics. “We have one HR person, and she’s one of the three ladies who is “in” on the sabotage.”

Earlier in the year, “Mary*” had noticed things were going on that were out of her control. She started saving her “good job” and “thanks for the quick turn-around” emails and so forth, but when she…

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