What IS An Owl, Anyway?

This cracked me up.


Make Your Own Owl Calendar

What a fabulous idea!

My Owl Barn “For all owlovers” has a FREE Owl Lover 2012 Calendar you can build out of 45 wonderful images drawn by artists all over the world. Download a pre-made calendar or assign an owl to the month of your choice.

The best part, besides the images themselves, is how the site keeps track of the months you already used so you don’t have to. The hard part is picking only 12!

Get your Owl Calendar here.

Pic from Jo James.

Owl Skritch Line Forms on the Right, Please

THIS. I nearly died from the cute. I need to skritch an owl’s head now, as in sign me up on the wait list.

If your heart can stand it, watch “Lovely Owl.” Disapproving looks from other owls is a bonus.

And here’s a shout-out to our Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.