Microsoft MVP & the Yaminade Adventure

My first podcast!

Or, more accurately, the first time I’ve been podcasted at, thanks to 7-time MVP-er¬†Paul Woods of Adopt & Embrace.

It’s all about Yammer in particular and enterprise social in general. Plus a bit about where I work and what we do to help people!

Give a listen to:

Bridging the analog and digital with Becky B from the Crisis Prevention Institute


I happened to have a fortune cookie sitting next to me as I fired up my laptop and made sure my headphones & mic were working.

And my fortune said: “A good time to start something new.”

For once, I took that little paper slip as an accurate omen.

And it was a fabulous, fabulous time. A very authentic, natural, fun experience all around. Thank you so much, Paul.

I did learn a sobering bit of news after it was over. It was about Microsoft’s decision to terminate all of their Customer Success¬†Managers. People whom we as Yammer community managers in our respective companies had interacted with, online all the time and in person at conferences. People who embodied customer support.

You can hear more about them on Paul’s previous podcast, A Tribute to the Best Customer Success Management team.