2017 is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it

An email I just received states that 2017 is 81 work days away. This is a cold-email from a content marketing company, but still.

Yesterday, my mom mentioned that she disliked writing the number “9” in the date.

And me? Well, I love summer best, and no amount of mentally trying to hold back autumn from encroaching–er, approaching–has ever had one iota of effect.


One other thing I’ve heard a lot of people say is that, “2016 can end anytime now. It’s been a rough year.”

But they also said that about 2015. And probably 2014, too.

Are things really getting tougher? Is our perspective skewed?

Or are we just paying more attention?

I realize these are not mutually exclusive thoughts. And that here is where I should say something about how all things are relative, and maybe it’s a form of self-protection to be able to forget some of the past tough times even as we’re feeling socked by current tough times so that we can keep trudging on.

Or that the past tough times made us able to withstand future idiocies.

Or something about how we need to change our mindset to “We GET to see 2017!” and “2017 will be the best year EVAR” versus “What fresh hell is coming our way now?”

But sometimes, you just want to feel disgruntled for a bit before picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and starting all over again.

As I don’t actually have an answer to any of this at this time, I shall leave you with this sentiment:


Make empathy your New Year’s resolution

What’s one thing you wish you could change about this past year?

Was it, by any chance, a failed resolution? Sometimes we could all use a helping hand to make new year changes turn into lasting resolutions.

One thing I’ve been returning to again and again–and not just because I had the honor of leading the project–is my company’s Empathy video.

It was a great experience with great people, but more than that, I believe that by helping people look at things a different way, we can help make life better for them and for the people they see and serve. That’s something that can last!

You can help spread the message of empathy, perception, and hope to even more people by passing this video or similar messages on to your friends and family.

And thank you for making a difference.

Click here to watch and share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL5LfBRe4Uo

Want words instead? This little poster resonated with me strongly: