Motivation: Awe-Inspiring Photos

Take a look around you with these 100 Places Straight Out of Fairy Tales.

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Little Switzerland, Luxembourg, by Kilian Schonberger

Will Facebook Help Us Save Our Memories?

It seems as though every millisecond, we’re feverishly capturing our lives. You have only to look at Facebook to see photo after photo of our most cherished, cute or funny moments, stuffing albums full to their limit. Digital cameras and friendly social interfaces make a marvelous pair.

Sure, some of it is of the “Look at me!” type as we experiment with flattering angles and lighting (and Photoshop), and depending on how long-suffering our friends are, we’re vindicated with “likes” and equally flattering comments that keep us uploading more and more. Who doesn’t want their glory years to be caught in digital celluloid?

What’s this got to do with memories? Find out…