What’s a Squeezor? He’s a great big monster with the title role in THE SQUEEZOR IS COMING, my children’s book out in AUGUST 2018 from MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing.

The Squeezor just wants to give hugs, and when you see him, you’ll know why: He’s got long arms that can wrap around you twice to give you the SQUEEZIEST hugs ever.

The trouble is, the Squeezor doesn’t look like he just wants to give you a hug. He looks like he wants to eat you up! Even other monsters run away from him in terror.

This makes the Squeezor very sad. He can’t help the way he looks. How can he get everyone to trust him?

Then he gets a great idea: Instead of focusing on what he wants, he has to figure out what the other monsters need!

You and your kids will find out how the Squeezor overcomes negative first impressions with compassion and empathy.

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Have a squeeziful day!

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The SCBWI BookStop Tour is Coming!

Not much longer now!

Starting October 16 (Monday, eee!), the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is running its BookStop Tour from to November 27, 2017.

Using one of their specially designed templates, I have just put the final touches on two BookStop pages, one for each of my existing books. You’ll see me talking about them for a while to come! 🙂

This seemed like a fantastic opportunity for me as an indie author to grab, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying how the pages have turned out. Can’t wait for you to see them.

Here are some FAQs about the BookStop.

You certainly don’t have to wait for the BookStop to enjoy my books! Click these links to purchase and review:

What’s At the End of Your Nose? (and be sure to keep your colored pencils handy!)

Dr. Guinea Pig George