Why Indie Authors Should Check Out Pronoun

ETA: Pronoun has shut down. It was great while it lasted!

Thanks to Navigating IndieWorld and a blog post by Nicole R Locker, I found out about Pronoun last Friday, got really excited over what Nicole had to say about it, and wasted no time in setting up my author page.

Pronoun is a relatively new ebook distributor that wants to “design, sell, and promote your book like a pro (with help when you need it), hassle free.”

There’s got to be a catch, right? There’s no free lunch!

The thing is…there might just be a free lunch this time around.

John Doppler of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) did a watchdog report and found that:

“Pronoun doesn’t charge for epub conversion, distribution, reports, or updates. They don’t upsell expensive add-on services. They don’t charge third-party vendors to be listed on the site, and they don’t take a cut of the vendor’s fees. And 100% of the retailer’s net payment is passed on to the author.”

Right now, Pronoun is able to exist on legacy business. Naturally, in the long-term it may seek out partnerships with successful authors.

I find I’m all for Pronoun sustaining itself long-term. Check out this quote from that thorough (and thoroughly enlightening) report:

“Pronoun gives authors the tools, technology, and information they need to create and publish better books. On our publishing platform, authors can create professionally-designed ebook files, sell them on the major retailers, update their metadata anytime, track daily sales and other performance metrics, and use our book data and analytics to optimize their metadata and make smarter marketing decisions. Pronoun authors keep control of their rights and receive 100% of their earnings.” – Allison Horton, Author Advocacy and Marketing representative

When I signed up, I received an email from this same Allison Horton, encouraging me to contact them with any questions or concerns, as they welcome feedback and always want to improve.

I haven’t yet moved either What’s at the End of Your Nose? or Dr. Guinea Pig George over to Pronoun from Amazon, as I really want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I do, but I have linked my books up through my Pronoun author page.

As I write this, four hours ago I received an email from Pronoun telling me that George had received a new review. I don’t get that from Amazon. Oh, you can go to Amazon’s Author Central (where reviews take awhile to populate) or refresh your sales page every day, all day, but I’ve missed reviews that have snuck in.

It’s the little touches like this that nevertheless make a huge difference in a busy indie author’s life that make me want to do more with Pronoun.

They also have a great knowledge base, including timely topics as, “How to respond to reviews.”

Who knows? My next book might just launch through Pronoun.