Workplace Rivalry

What’s the best way to handle someone who is making you downright miserable at work, always competing with you, raising your stress level, being combative‚ÄĒor worse? Should you get your manager involved or try to resolve the issue yourself? What if it IS your manager?

Our Twitter #careerchat got the answers for how to handle workplace rivalry. One thing’s for sure: Don’t let anything, least of all your own reactions, sabotage your job. As @WomensAlly says, “Own your own career!”

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How to Resolve a Conflict at Work

Ah, the workplace. A cohesive, collaborative environment‚ÄĒand a breeding ground for conflict.¬†If you’re going to work with other people, you might as well realize up front¬†that¬†disagreements are bound to happen.¬†The¬†trick¬†is how you handle them.

Our Twitter #careerchat wanted to know: Is workplace conflict all about winning, or is it about agreeing to a resolution? Can there be a true win-win solution? How do you know when to respond and what to say, or when you should just walk away?

Key takeaways from the chat